Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Marbella’s Growing Appeal for Swedish Investors

The lure of Marbella is proving irresistable to many Swedish citizens at the moment with last year’s figures showing nearly 120,000 arriving directly into Málaga (representing a 41% increase in numbers from 2010 figures). In response to this, 2012 has seen a government-funded “Living in the Costa del Sol” campaign that highlights the vast array of Marbella property investment opportunities currently available. The campaign intends to raise awareness and stimulate potential investors with exhibitions having been staged throughout Sweden during the full 12-months.

The “Living in the Costa del Sol” campaign is only one of a selection of projects that are currently targeted towards a growing number of sales in the Marbella property market. Pia Karström of Blu Sun Consulting says, “Marbella has so much potential right now for excellent property investments. I arrived here 10 years ago and during that time I have seen a great improvement in building discipline. The luxurious designs and finishes that we used to strive to achieve come as standard these days and are possible at a reasonable cost.”
Luxury Beachside Apartments now Reduced to €195,000
Pia continues by saying “I have never regretted my own move from Sweden. I love all that Marbella has to offer. But the Marbella property prices that are now available are in a different league to those that I witnessed when I first arrived. Now is the time to invest to make a profit.”

Luxury Properties prove appealing to Swedish investors
Pia uses the newly released Los Arqueros Beachside properties as an example of the great opportunities now available in Marbella. The developer has recently made additional discounts to their prices. A 3 bedroomed apartment in a prime San Pedro location is now just €195,000 (previously €205,000). These properties are of a particularly high quality, from a trusted developer whose name is consistent with many of Marbella’s greatest property success stories. The first phase of these Beach apartments will be completed in June 2014 and so, it is now that the best prices will be secured with only €6000 required to make a reservation.

Pia explains “as the proposed changes to the tax legislation and international residency agreement comes into force, property deals such as this will no longer be available in Marbella. 2013 is expected to see a more steady property market in Spain and therefore developers and sellers will be more inclined to hold onto property for the higher prices that are sure to come.”

And as high immigration numbers are expected to continue from Sweden and other similar countries where sunshine is not in such abundance, the saturation of good quality properties in the key areas will no longer occur. In particular, beachside areas that are popular with Scandinavians, such as San Pedro de Alcantára and Elviria, will see less and less high quality properties coming to the Marbella property market (the SCB predicts that the high of 2008 with 45,000 residents leaving Sweden, a steady increase will continue until 2060).

For more information on Los Arqueros Beachside properties in San Pedro de Alcántara, please feel free to contact Pia Karström of Blu Sun Consulting. Tel: +34 667 634 301/

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