Friday, December 13, 2013

Positive Tourism for the Costa del Sol 2013

Blu Sun Consulting gathers the latest statistics on Costa del Sol tourism...

  • High visitor numbers for 2013 encouraged officials to dub this the “summer of recovery” for the Costa del Sol. 
  • There have been year-on-year increases in overnight stays in Marbella for the past 2 years. (8% in 2013) 
  • 72% of hotels on the Costa del Sol were fully booked from June ‘til August 2013 
  • The average stay in Marbella has now increased to 4.6 nights 
  • The majority of visitors to Marbella come from Europe, but there is also now a noteworthy increase from Russia and the Arab nations 
  • The fastest growing tourism figures come from Scandinavia 
  • Málaga airport is the main entrance into Andalucia with 13 million people arriving annually – Málaga is the 4th busiest airport in Spain 
  • 1.8 million euros was recently invested into Málaga airport – asserting its position as the 3rd most important airport in Spain 

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